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Agenda for 2/9/2017 Meeting

  • DKCA needs you for the distribution and to help raise awareness for our petition the DOT campaign. Traffic and safety issues in our community abound and we need to let the city know that we will not be ignored and our concerns must be addressed. Join us to help in eliminating gridlock, ending overnight construction parking regulations, getting stop signs and traffic lights installed at dangerous intersections and fighting the excessive noise and horn blowing our neighborhood has been enduring. If you have any related issues you would like to see addressed please join us at the meeting.
  • The Dutchkills Civic Association is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $14,800.00 award from Councilman Jimmy Van Bramers office. The award is to be used for the Windmill Community Garden and the support of youth development and community commitment in the Dutchkills area of Long Island City through the promotion of events and community organizing efforts. Please join us at the upcoming general membership meeting with your best ideas on how to facilitate these goals and to learn more details about this generous award.

Location, Location, Location

The Dutch Kills community is bounded by 34th Avenue on the north, on the south by Bridge Plaza north, on the east by Northern Boulevard and on the west by 21st Street.

The Queens Plaza transportation “hub,” located at the Dutch Kills doorstep, provides instant access to all MTA subway lines and the iconic Queensboro Bridge. Our community is located minutes from the Lincoln and Holland tunnels, the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, the Grand Central Parkway, Brooklyn Queens Expressway and the Long Island Expressway.

LaGuardia Airport is located just north of the Dutch Kills community and JFK International Airport may be accessed by car via the Grand Central Parkway, or the MTA “Train To The Plane,” at the Queens Plaza transportation hub.

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