We at DKCA recognize parking on sidewalks is a serious community issue. It is dangerous and illegal so this is the approach we recommend so we can work together to combat it:

First – Notify 311 and file a complaint with every offense you witness, make sure to record the date and transaction number of your notification

Second – Take photos of the offending vehicles and businesses (include license plates) post to Twitter (without scathing commentary please) and tag it as follows: @dutchkillscivic @NYPD114Pct #SidewalkParking #DutchKillsLife

Not on Twitter? Send the photo’s to us at president@dutchkillscivic.com

Third –  If the location is known to you as a location of chronic repeat offenses please notify a DKCA board member or email us at president@dutchkillscivic.com to have us refer chronic repeat offenders. to the Neighborhood Community Officer within the NYPD.

As always we will keep you all updated with any changes to this procedure. In unity there is strength.

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